Foça Biogas Power Plant is contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution by producing clean energy in a period where environmental pollution is increasing and renewable energy is extremely important.Technology to be used for power generation from biogas is not only a renewable energy facility, but also a source of energy that is reconsideration of the organic wastes to protect river bed, streams, using for agriculture in an uncontrolled way or hazardous waste storage.  Thus, it is having the feature of waste recycling facility.

Organic wastes which are close to the facility, chicken and bovine wastes will be used for the power generation. The facility power generation capacity is determined by the amount of wastes in the area. While during decay the wastes that will wait 30-35 days in digester, occurring gas is being used in the gas engine for power generation, fermented products will be directed to the compost plant for processing.

All the risks and the precautions to be taken are considered that may arise in the whole process and Foça BPP was developed in this content. Using stripper to prevent high concentration of nitrogen and deodorizing units and usingbiofilter for prevention of odor in the plant has been deemed suitable. Against the risk of leakage, stored biogas will be fed to the cogeneration engines with leak-proof pipelines by means of blowers. Blower room and cogeneration building will be equipped with gas detectors against any leakage risk.Possible leakage will be intervened in a short time by following online pressure and flow rate on pipeline.