Facility is accomplishing within the scope of renewable energy in the province of İzmir, Foça District, Yeniköy region. Within the main purpose of the project is converting biogas to electricity and heat that comes out with daily feeding process to the plant. The installed power of the facility is going to be 2,4MW.

The facility that will enter into service with 2,4MW installed power will be locatedin a small part of the total 166.750 m2 of land. In the rest of the land, it is planned to grow greenhouse or energy plant by using waste heat and liquid fertilizer.

Within the scope of project that is planned; Organic waste that will come to the Biogas Facility will be biodegraded and disintegrated in an anaerobic (airless) environment.Biogas that will be released during the biodegradation of organic wastes will be used for electricity and heat generation in the cogeneration unit.

According to the plan that considering to the waste potential in Foça district, at the first stage 500 tons of agricultural and animal waste per day will be processed in the facility and the facility will run 24 hours and generate 46,2MW power per day from 2,4MW installed power. The plant's infrastructure (digester / digester volumes, gas engine building, etc.) has been optimized by considering the capacity increase scenario and investment cost.