As a result of using chemical fertilizer in the country, inefficiency of soil is the one of the main problem in agriculture.  For this reason the organic fertilizer that named as a secondary output in the biogas plant is becoming more important.

In the framework of general approach, after the fermentation of the remaining decomposed and dried part, organic wastes will be dried and finished its fermentation and will be ready to pack and sell as organic fertilizer.

At the Foça BPP project, the fermented product that contains %13-15 dry matter will be sent to separator for liquid-solid separation. The waste coming to the separator will be separated into solid and liquid. Solid wastes will be processed in the fertilizer plant and packed or stored about sale as high value added organic fertilizer.

Foça BPP is the only biogas plant project in the Foça District. The plant whichhas a big role of eliminating the wastes of bovine farms located aroundalso has a connection to the power line as it produces electrical power.  After the whole process, enriched fertilizer that will improve the efficiency of soil will be produced to be used in agriculturalactivities.